Envion Liquidation, Martin Laurent and Jonny Milkiway

Since the beginning of our reporting on the ENVION liquidation we have received threatening emails from an anonymous writer time and again. In these emails FinTelegram and its people were threatened and the distribution of fake facts was announced. The sender was a certain “Jonny Milkiway” from various anonymous email accounts. Not traceable. In fact, shortly after the last email Martin LAURENT “forwarded” exactly the fake facts announced by Jonny Milkiway. He did so on Telegram. A coincidence? Probably not! Intimidation as a method is often more accurate!

Here are some excerpts from the nice post of Jonny Milkiway:

Soon enough you will have to face truth 🙂 Fucked with the wrong ones mate 😉


but why are you employing fugitives? You will need to explain to FBI soon I guess..

Email from Jonny Milkiway

Now some people have contacted us who reported receiving similar emails. These people, too, had made themselves unpopular with Martin LAURENT. And consequently they received mail from Jonny Milkiway. The timing as well as the content of the emails allows the following conclusion:

Conclusion: it is obvious that Jonny Milkiway is directly related to the ENVION ICO – (as internal ENVION data is used in the emails) and at least has a close relationship to ENVION like Martin LAURENT. It could even be speculated that Jonny Milkiway is an avatar of Martin LAURENT.

This approach is not only criminally relevant but also highly childish and easy to see through. Whether this threatening and intimidating approach contributes to support the story that the ENVION founders around Michael LUCKOW and TRADO GmbH are just naïve founders may be judged by every reader. Anyway, the ENVION liquidation will receive even more attention than it already has.

It is completely incomprehensible to us why Martin LAURENT deems himself forced to take action against investors, lawyers and the media with defamatory news. Those who have nothing to hide should rather not behave aggressively towards critics. Especially if some of these critics are harmed investors of ENVION AG.

Received Message from Jonny Milkiway?

If you have also been a recipient of email/messages/posts/tweets from Johnny Milkiway or other people close to ENVION, please let us know. Messages about comments or about our whistleblower system. We collect, document and report.

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