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We continue to investigate and report on the #EnvionCase. From what we learned from involved people, corporate documents, and public communication, the nature of the case may be a sort of hostile takeover. We already reached out to Envion investors and founders to get more answers to many questions and be able to paint the whole picture. In the meantime, we suggest reading the founders blog. It’s worth reading it and maybe watch the video.

The problem here is that time is the critical issue for ENVION and its stakeholders. If it turns out that it really was a sort of hostile takeover attempt, and the founders were right, the company and its project may be dead anyway. Actually, there is no legal solution to this issue, I guess. Court cases take months and years and in the meantime, the startups typically switch into #RIP mode, turn belly-up. That would be a real tragedy. We have already seen such lethal shareholder battles around startups and may assure you that there usually are no winners, just losers.

We continue our reports, stay tuned – and keep on holding your EVN tokens to give the company a chance to survive. Whichever party wins, the company and its investors and token holders should not have to pay the bill. Hence: Support Envion, stay calm. It’s not for the founders or the CEO, it’s for the project and the industry. To us, Envion is a case that goes far beyond the company and its stakeholders, it is a subject matter and reference case for the whole blockchain ecosphere. 

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