Finally, the announced video statement of ENVION founders broadcasted yesterday. It’s the first time that Michael LUCKOW, founder, and CEO of TRADO GMBH, presented his view on ENVION and the situation around the ICO publicly. He has been heavily criticized because of his absence over the last couple of days. The discussions in the different Telegram groups have been moderated by Laurent, the other guy in the video who is guiding LUCKOW through the video.

We had the chance to communicate with Michael LUCKOW via WhatsApp and phone several times and he always made an authentic impression. His explanation on the different points of the “complicated case” provided in the video is in line with the communication we had with him and other people involved in the case. That said, we have to point out that we are neither siding with him nor with the other parties. Our job is to report on the case and express our opinion based on the facts.

Our team is already working on another report summarizing the latest developments around ENVION. Stay tuned and come back.