EFRI scenarios for ENVION refund claims EFRI scenarios for ENVION refund claims

FinTelegram was founded early 2018 with the mission to educate and protect investors with their online investments. At that time, the crypto world seemed to be fine for many. The prices at the crypto markets were high, many people had earned money and many thought that it would go on like this. Together with auditors and lawyers, FinTelegram launched the European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI) to help bounced investors recover their money. EFRI has now launched a campaign to recover ENVION funds.

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The EFRI initiative in cooperation with FINTECH ACADEMY and the CLLB law firm and some EVN token holders has the goal:

  • to collect ICO investors’ claims in a structured manner and to
  • develop a legally effective approach for the different categories of investors
  • as well as an efficient refund in the context of the liquidation.

According to the information on the ENVION ANALYTICS website, there are currently more than 39,000 wallets holding EVN tokens. Each EVN token is supposed to legally represent a claim for rrefund in the context of the liquidation of the Swiss ENVION AG. FinTelegram, EFRI and the participating auditors and lawyers have the know-how to process a legally effective and efficient claim handling.

With regard to the size of the investments, we have developed two different funds recovery scenarios:

  • EFRI Collective Claim for small and medium-sized investors (each < 10,000 EVN tokens)
  • EFRI Single Claims for large investors (each > 10,000 EVN tokens)

The two scenarios are described in more detail in the table below:


EFRI Collective Claim

EFRI Single Claims

Activities In this full-service scenario, EFRI collects the claims of small and medium ENVION investors and EVN tokenholders and represents them collectively as agents for the filing and recovery of claims in the bankruptcy report. The individual EVN token holder authorizes EFRI to file and enforce the claim until reimbursement. With this option, EFRI transfers your refund to your Bitcoin/Ether Wallet, Paypal account or bank wire. EFRI files the claims of the individual investors separately and in a legally effective manner on their behalf with the bankruptcy court. Information is sent directly to the investor’s delivery address.

The possible reimbursement will then be transferred to the investor directly by the Swiss insolvency administrator to the specified bank account (this requires the transfer of the address and IBAN data to the liquidator).

Authorized Agents
EFRI Auditors and Lawyers The claim will be filed on behalf of the investors by EFRI lawyer
Kosten No fixed fees

Success Commision

  • successful refunding
  • up to €5.000: 15%
  • more than €5.000: 10%
No Success Commission

One-time handling charge:

  • on confirmation of filing: €250
  • regardless of the claimed amount
Target group
small and medium investors <10.000 EVN Token large investors with more than 10.000 EVN Token
Special arrangements?
not intended yes, on request (e.g. special success fee arrangements)
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