Don’t be a fool! Stay away from the FX Swiss Limited crypto scams!

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The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issues a dozen warnings against crypto schemes almost every day. Most of them are so poorly done that one has to be seriously concerned about the operators’ state of mind and their victims. Apparently, crypto scammers don’t even bother to appear reputable anymore. It is enough for them to run as many poorly made scams as possible to find victims. FX Swiss Limited is a fake company that runs several of these crypto scams. Stay away!

Key data

SchemeFX Swiss Limited
Activityfraudulent crypto brokers
Scam brandsOptionFXtraders (https://optionfxtraders.com/),
Mastercoins (http://t.commonsupport.com/mastercoin/index.html),
BaseFXtrade (https://basefxtrade.com/),
247-FXmining (https://www.247-fxmining.com),
OptionFXmin, Bitsuchtrade
and counting
Related domainswww.commonsupport.com

Scam narrative

The UK FCA issued a warning against FX Swiss Limited, a company allegedly registered in the UK and/or the Marshall Islands. The truth, however, is that this company is fake. It does not exist. But the word “Swiss” in the name seems enough for the scammers to catch customers. Some sites are operated with the same look-and-feel under different brands and domains without the indication of FX Swiss Limited.

Victims cannot register directly on the site. They have to contact the support to become a victim. These scams work via fraudulent marketing campaigns and boiler rooms that lure consumers. Do not fall for these crypto scams.


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