Daily Affiliate Warning – Total Earnings still chasing victims for vanishing Gloffix broker scam

broker scam gloffix vanished
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Well done, Praxis Cashier! You evidently terminated this scam client. Today we found an email from [email protected] in our junk folder. The link leads us to Total Earnings and The Swiss Method campaign. We registered and received an email from the broker scam Gloffix (www.gloffix.com). Just a few days ago, we issued a warning against this scam and identified Praxis Cashier as the facilitating payment processor. Today, the scam was almost gone with a huge “X” on its website. We assume that Amit Klatchko and his Praxis Cashier terminated this scam client. Much appreciated, indeed.

It was allege operated Advaniq Ltd in the Marshall Islands supposedly operates. In addition, GLF International Ltd is also indicated. The payment agent is Key Solutions Ltd in Bulgaria. We could not find any of the three companies.

After our registration, we immediately received emails and calls from boiler room agents. These scams have a long life, they change brands and domains, but the boiler rooms behind them stay the same. The boiler room agents subsequently try to migrate the potential victims to the new scams. Stay far away from the fraudulent affiliate campaigns and broker scams they refer to.

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