Daily Affiliate Alert – Stay away from Global Offers, Algo-Machine, and UniteEx broker scam

fraudulent introducing broker Algo Machine
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Today, you may receive emails from @way2freedom.club and @planet2.digital, including links to Global Offers‘ websites (www.globaloffers.online or www.globaloffers.cc) and the campaigns deposited there. For the potential victims, various campaigns with videos and texts in German and English are deposited. Via campaigns like Swiss Methode, Bitcoin Up, or Bitcoin Bank, the potential victims are led to the Introducing Broker Algo Machine (www.algo-machine.com), promoting the broker scam UniteEx today. Stay away. Far away!

Fraudulent affiliate campaign behind Global Offers

In total, there are more than 20 campaigns deposited on these fraudulent affiliate sites that are currently active. These campaigns catch victims for broker scams that are behind them. The UniteEx broker scam has already been massively promoted by these affiliate campaigns in recent days. Please read our report here.

On the Swiss Methode campaign page, a video promises that you can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in a month. In case you don’t earn those hundreds of thousands of dollars, the website promises a guaranteed payment of $10,000. Other videos in the rest of the campaigns talk about the high profits with Bitcoin. It always directly addresses the greed of potential victims. Do not fall for it. Let your mind rule your greed.

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We would like to know more about the operators of these fraudulent affiliate campaigns behind FXOffers, Global Offers, etc. Likewise, we would like to know more about the operators behind the Algo Machine. If you have any information we would be grateful if you could share it with us.

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