CryptoPro fraud campaign promotes Bulgarian InvestingFX broker scam

InvestingFX broker scam promoted by CryptoPro fraud campaign
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An email today leads us to the CryptoPro fraud campaign on the Fintech Newsworld website (https://fintech-newsworld.com/decryptopro/). The campaign shows a video in which celebrities like Bill Gates or Richard Branson talk about the benefits of cryptocurrencies. All we would need to do is sign up, and we can become the next millionaire. Well then. We register and then end up at the scam broker InvestingFX (www.investingfx.io), operated by the Bulgarian Trade Gunter EOOD.

The fraudulent CryptoPro campaign is relatively new but designed exactly along the lines of other scam campaigns around cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Prime, Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Champion, Bitcoin Revolution, or Bitcoin Circuit can be mentioned here. There are many more. InvestingFX scam is also easily recognizable as a scam. In principle! Actually, no victims should fall for these cybercrime activities. However, it happens far too often, unfortunately.

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