Cointed and Drug Trafficking

In recent months, FinTelegram has played a decisive role in ensuring that the background and connections surrounding the collapsed COINTED and the related EUR 100 million OPTIOMENT fraud were identified. With the arrest of the fiancée of Christopher RIEDER for drug trafficking activities, this cryptocrime case is one aspect richer.

The COINTED founder and alleged OPTIOMENT mastermind Christopher RIEDER has been in Turkey for several months, apparently accompanied by his partner as already reported several times. On Sunday 30 September 2018 (the Austrian newspaper Kronenzeitung reported), it became known that the fiancée of Christopher RIEDER, Patricia “Tricia” N., was arrested in the southwest Turkish city of Muga for drug possession and trafficking (cannabis seeds and skunk). Patricia “Tricia” N.’s drug trafficking activities have most certainly reached commercial scale, as the newspaper report mentions branded plastic cans.  The packaging also contained a detailed description of the use of the drug.

Police confiscated the equipment used to manufacture the drug “Super Weed”. According to a police report, the drugs were partially prepared for mailing.

Christopher Rieder's fiancée arrested by Turkish police
Christopher Rieder’s fiancée arrested by Turkish police

Yes, Turkey is perhaps a paradise for cryptocurrency scammers and crypto-MLM operators but for drug dealers there are supposed to be countries with more permissive drug regulations.

In fact, the Viennese crypto scene has long been aware of this drug activity around the COINTED founder. And also about the fact that Christopher RIEDER himself was by no means averse to the consumption of mood-promoting stimulants.

In the meantime, we have also learned more about the whereabouts of Charli AHO and Daniil Orlov and some of the assets of COINTED. But more about this soon in a separate report. One thing is for sure: the cryptocrime case COINTED-OPTIOMENT remains exciting and we are on the ball to find the bad actors and investors’ funds.