Crypto Investor Alert – Stay away from eTradeLimited, JCGlobal Invest, and TAAl Trading schemes

investor warning against JCGlobal Invest and eTradeLimited and TAAL TRade crypto scams
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Do not fall for eTradeLimited (https://etradelimited.com), JCGlobal Invest (https://jcglobalinvest.com), and TAAL Trading (www.taaltradingcompany.com) crypto investment schemes. Like Cascadia-Capital and TMF Investments, which we recently warned about, eTradeLimited, JCGlobal Invest, and TAAL Trading offer various investment plans with which you can supposedly earn 200% (!!!) within a few days. How is that supposed to work even theoretically? These ridiculous ROI promises can’t even take place in a bullish crypto market. These promises are simply scams on extremely naive consumers. Stay far away.

Deposits to both scams are only possible with cryptocurrencies, so there is no chance of cashback like with credit cards or bank transfers. Your funds disappear forever without leaving any trace.

While eTradeLimited claims to be an Australian provider, TAAL Trading Company gives a U.S. address. JCGlobal Invest does not provide an address at all. All three have in common that they are scams.

You should invest in cryptocurrencies only if you have experience with this highly volatile asset. In any case, you should not invest in crypto investment schemes operated by unregulated or unknown organizations and individuals. There you should better donate the money to a good cause.

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