Consob issued pre X-Mas warnings against 15 illegal financial websites!

Consob orders blackout for five more websites
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On December 20, 2021, the Italian regulator Consob issued warnings against a total of 15 websites that offer illegal financial services or are scams. In contrast to the last weeks, Consob did not announce a blackout of the websites. Among those warned is also the offshore broker Moneta Markets and its operator Vantage Global Limited. In addition, the Italian regulator has also warned about several fraudulent Bitcoin marketing campaigns. Below is the list of the latest warnings:

  • Gate Technology Corp through the internet domains www.gate.io, www.gateio.rocks, www.gateio.ws
  • EliteCrypto Trade through the internet domain www.elitecryptotrade.com;
  • Maxbit LLC through internet domains www.quotex.io, www.quotex.com;
  • PrimeXbt Trading Services LLC through the internet domain www.primexbt.com and its page https://my.primexbt.com;
  • Po Trade Ltd through the internet domain www.po.trade;
  • AMarkets Ltd through the internet domain www.amarkets.com and its page https://my.amarkets.org;
  • FinMax through the internet domain www.finmaxbo.com;
  • SimpleFx Ltd through internet domains https://simplefx.com and its page https://app.simplefx.com;
  • Vantage Global Limited through the internet domain www.monetamarkets.com;
  • Ultimate-mining.co through the internet domain www.ultimate-mining.co;
  • Bitcoin Era, CryptoRobot, Sagatrade through the internet domains www.bitcoinera.com www.cryptorobot.com,www.sagatrade.io;
  • Bitcoin Up and FXplanB through the internet domains www.bitcoin-up.live and https://fxplanb.com;
  • Binarium Limited through the internet domainswww.binarium.com, https://binarium.global and https://binarium.trading.

If you have any information about scams and their operators, please share it with us. You can use our whistleblower system Whistle42 for this purpose.

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