Cointed Involvement in Optioment Scam?

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The Austrian derStandard reported that the Vienna law firm Lansky filed a complaint to the Austrian prosecutor claiming the the founder and CEO of Cointed was involved in the Optioment scam. According to the complaint the founder of Cointed, Christopher Rieder, was one of the designers of Optioment’s business model.

[pms-restrict message=’The full article pis available to members only. Please login or register now.’] Cointed just recently finished its ICO which cannot be regarded a success. Even though the ICO ran for several months just 4% of the target amount of USD 100 million was raised. In the course of the ICO Cointed was confronted with a lot of allegations from business partners and customers. A former partner of Cointed, he Czech producer of Bitcoin ATMs,GeneralBytes, claimed that Christopher Rieder and Cointed stole the idea and some code.

Moreover, two of the co-founders of Cointed, Cahrli AHO and Daniil Orlov, were co-founders and co-owners of the crypto-mining company Crypto Unity OG and transferred the business to Cointed without the permission of the other co-owners. [/pms-restrict]

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