Cointed Investigation: Another Piece of the Connections (not including Riga)

Cointed and Swiss Crypto Group AG and Bosphorus Banking

We have already written several times about the Cointed connections and its network from Hongkong to Switzerland. Read this article to find out more about the connection along with the chart. There is still the option questions about the concrete involvement of Cointed and/or Christopher RIEDER into the Optioment case.

Several people testified that they have made their Optioment FIAT payments using the Cointed exchange platform and their ATMs. We heard about cases where the ATM transaction limits have been temporarily lifted to enable large transactions into the Optioment system.

Bosphorus Banking ContactTonight we received another hint regarding the involvement of Christopher RIEDER and/or Cointed in the Turkish The Bosphorus venture ( in Dalaman. We did a check already and found that the website is allegedly operated by a touristic company called Dilek Turistik Ltd. Not further information available. We tried to call the number stated under contacts but have not been able to reach anybody (the number cannot be reached at the moment). According to our information, Christopher RIEDER wasone of the initators and managers of The Bosphorus.

If you take a closer look at the website you quickly find out it’s the very same website as Cointed’s Swiss Crypto Group AG ( It’s just a copy-pasted website with different text modules. Even the menu items are the same. It seems that the Cointed people around Christopher RIEDER opened many letterbox companies globally to do their business.

We continue our investigations and will continue with more information about the Hongkong & Riga connections soon. Once again thank you for your whistleblower messages and comments. Please continue to deliver your know how and information. Thankc you.