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In the 48 hours since the launch of our COINTED CLAIM INITIATIVE, the first customers who do not receive their money from COINTED have already registered and explained their case. We are currently handling these inquiries and are holding discussions with the lawyers involved. We will keep individual customers and investors informed by email. A first email will be sent today during the day.

However, it is already becoming apparent that the complaints stem primarily from the area of crypto-exchange. Customers have deposited their FIAT funds to buy cryptocurrencies or sold their cryptocurrencies against FIAT. Unfortunately, they receive neither cryptocurrencies nor the FIAT money back. Evidently, this has nothing to do with alleged hacker attacks. Since the collapse of the Japanese crypto-exchange MT GOX, hacker attacks have been the standard explanation for the disappearance of client funds. We are aware, however, that the company’s accounts have not been kept properly and that incorrect information has been provided regarding the balance sheet. This has nothing to do with hackers, right?

On June 18, 2018, COINTED announced on Facebook the termination of its crypto-exchange activities and made hacker attacks responsible for this step. Possibly COINTED experienced hacker attacks but that’s business as usual for any crypto-exchange and thus part of daily operations. In any case, these alleged hacker attacks are definitely not responsible for the non-payment of customer funds. We can exclude this at least for those customers who have registered with our COINTED CLAIM INITIATIVE. The reason for the non-payment in their cases is obviously simply that there seems to be no funds in the COINTED accounts and wallets.

The Austrian medium DER STANDARD also reported yesterday about the problems with COINTED and mentioned the fact that the public prosecutor’s office is already active. We know of some reports from investors involved and can therefore confirm that investors are also taking action against COINTED in the area of crypto-mining.

Customers and investors can register with the COINTED CLAIM INITIATIVE here: >>COINTED CLAIM REQUEST<<