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UK Solicitor and FinTech Guru Robert Courtneidge accused of faciliting investment fraud

The UK citizen Robert Courtneidge is for sure a hard working guy. As reported by FinTelegram, he not only acts as director in various FinTechs and regulated e-money institutions such as Moorwand Ltd, but also bills himself as FinTech Guru and event speaker. Unfortunately, he also facilitates broker and investment scams with his legal opinions and advice. Courtneidge resigned as a director of FCA-regulated ePayments Systems Ltd in February 2020 in the course of the FCA investigations (read FinTelegram Report here). In Australia, Courtneidge is accused in a huge investment scam of 240 investors of knowingly and willfully issuing false confirmations. A new Court judgement was issued on March 3, 2020.

Good News – UK Regulator FCA finally acts against Robert Courtneidge and ePayments Systems!

On February 11, the FCA-licensed e-money institution ePayments System has been ordered by the FCA to suspend all activity for “an indefinite period.” The regulator found “a number of weaknesses” in its anti-money-laundering (AML) controls. ePayments Systems is one of the big e-money institutions in the UK with over a million private accounts and more than 1,000 business accounts. Allegedly, the company has issued more than 75,000 prepaid cards as a principal issuer of Mastercard. It booked profits of more than £18m on revenues of almost £28m in the year up to the end of April 2019, with a whopping 66% gross profit margin according to Alphaville. Its director Robert Courtneidge resigned on February 17, 2020.

Former OneCoin Lawyer now heading FCA-regulated Moorwand allegedly involved in money laundering

FinTelegram has often stressed that the large, global scams and investment fraud schemes would not be possible without the involvement of lawyers. It is these attorneys who issue the necessary certifications in accordance with the Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. These confirmations grant scams and investment fraud schemes access to the international financial system. This opens the door to investors' money. These lawyers often work closely with Payment Services Providers (PSPs) to launder the money stolen by investors.

Moorwand Payment Scheme – Copenhagen Andelskasse charged with money laundering

The Danish Copenhagen Andelskasse (KBH Andelskasse), under the influence of Moorwand Ltd and its beneficial owners Alain Bazille, Robert Cortneidge, and Wael Almaree, is being charged with money laundering. FinTelegram has spoken with the responsible prosecutor in Denmark who confirmed the money laundering case.

Breaking News: Illicit payment services provider UPC Consulting applies for strike off with UK Companies House

Alain Bazille of the illegal payment services provider UPC Consulting Ltd applied for the company's strike off. This runaway attempt by one of the vast illegal payment service providers from the era of binary options and broker scams cannot go unnoticed in the interest of the many defrauded investors.

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