Broker scam Winbitx chasing victims via Bitcoin Profit campaign

investor warning winbitx broker scam promoted by Bitcoin Profit campaign
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The white-label broker scam Winbitx (www.winbitx.com) is currently hunting for new victims using, among other things, the Bitcoin Profit campaign (https://safecashinvesting.com/bitcoinprofit/). This campaign promises investors millions in profits even when the crypto markets crash. After registering with Bitcoin Profit, you are immediately redirected to the payment page of the broker scam Winbitx. The cashier is once again PayNetEasy (www.payneteasy.com), where once again the UK payment processor Pay Credits (www.pay-credits.com) for credit and debit card payments are integrated.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have exposed Pay Credits operated by UK-registered VertexTech Ltd as a scam-facilitating payment processor in several broker scams, such as Invexeo (read this report), Capital of Focus (read this report), or AroxCapital (read this report). The Hungarian Ljudmila Mohacsek is the registered director and beneficial owner of this high-risk payment processor (Companies House).

The Winbitx scam is not made in a very sophisticated way. Therefore, no thinking people should fall for it. Unfortunately, people are lured into the trap via fraudulent marketing campaigns like Bitcoin Profit just now. Do not trust any campaigns that promise you quick and easy riches. There is no such thing in the crypto space either. Stay far away from these fraudulent campaigns and scams. It will save you money and frustration.

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