Broker scam Cryptoneteasy promoted by Bitcoin Gemini fraud campaign

Bitcoin Gemini fraud campaign promotes Cryptoneteasy scam
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Only the sky is the limit when scammers and their facilitators play with brands, domains, and marketing campaigns. This afternoon we received an email in our spam folder promising us high profits within a few hours. The link in the email alternatively redirects us to the Bitcoin Gemini (www.bitcoin-gemini.top) and Bitcoin Era scam campaigns on the myFinancemMonday website (https://myfinancemmonday.com/bitcoin-era-7). Upon registering, we are led to the broker scam Cryptoneteasy (www.cryptneteasy.com), among others.

They will probably run out of names of various Bitcoin-related scam campaigns soon. Bitcoin Gemini is the first one we discovered today. It seems that the scammers are targeting Italian consumers these days. Well, on the other hand, they are attacking everybody everywhere every day!

The Cryptoneteasy scam is allegedly operated by New Traders Holdings Ltd, which has been exposed as the operator of other scams such as TolTechFX, CMCxxMarket, or NewTradersHoldings. The Italian Consob has ordered the black-out of their websites in December 2020 already (read our report here).

As a facilitating payment processor, we once again discovered PayCent behind BoxiPay Cashier (https://cashier.boxipay.io).

Stay far away from these scam campaigns and the scams promoted by them. This way you will save yourself losses and frustrations.

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