Bravo Tigloo! The Israeli traffic hub manager terminated fraudulent Kalite Network

Tigloo terminated Kalite Network and Bitcoin Prime
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This article is an update to our Request 4 Information about Tigloo. We very much appreciate the quick response and actions set by Tigloo. In addition, we have been informed that Tigloo implemented an abuse report email on its contact page, which is also a useful step in the fight against cybercrime and fraud campaigns.

Yesterday, we published a Request 4 Information (R4I) about the Israeli traffic hub manager and technology provider Tigloo. As a “Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)” provider, the company operated the Kalite Network (https://platform.kalitenet.com) for its clients. This Kalite Network was deployed to run the fraudulent Bitcoin Prime campaign, which targeted consumers and retail investors in Europe. The campaign chased victims with a “get-rich-quickly” promise via Bitcoin. Tigloo contacted us to say that they have shut down the Kalite Network and would not support any such fraud activities. Allegedly, it was one of Tigloo’s clients. This is good news for the European financial scene. However, this can only be the beginning.

The fraudulent Bitcoin Prime campaign was run on the website Gmxzxwbp (https://gmxzxwbp.xyz/bitcoin-prime) among others. Upon registration, it led the potential victims via the Kalite Network traffic hub (https://platform.kalitenet.com) to scam brokers or registered CySEC investment firms. We do have a long list of CySEC-registered investment firms that actually work with Bitcoin Prime and other fraud campaigns.

Fraud websites offline

Upon our R4I, both websites – Gmxzxwbp and Katlite Network – went offline. Evidently, Tigloo terminated both services. We still need to investigate this ecosphere of illegally operating companies to come to a meaningful conclusion. Anyway, it was a good move for Tigloo to terminate this fraud campaign. Hopefully, the traffic hub operator conducts a thorough review of its clients and their campaigns to stop further scam campaigns.

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If you have any information about Tigloo or the operators of scam campaigns like Bitcoin Prime, Bitcoin Profit, Bitcoin Champion, Bitcoin Circuit, CryptoPro, and others, we would be grateful if you could share it with us. Together we can fight investment fraud. We would like to learn from Tigloo the names of its fraud clients.

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