BitcoinX fraud campaign chases victims for ProfitsTrade facilitated by Praxis Cashier

BitcoinX fraud campaign promotes ProfitsTrade scam
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Today we found a new, at least for us, fraudulent marketing campaign in which Elon Musk promotes crypto for getting rich quickly. The “BitcoinXThe Elon Musk Effect” in a fake Wall Street Journal campaign on the ElectLinks site (https://electlinks.biz/em-effect), which is run by Post Affiliate Pro (www.postaffiliate.pro) by Quality Unit s.r.o. in Bratislava. Today, the campaign promotes the ProfitsTrade scam facilitated by Praxis Cashier.

The many-hops journey

One has to hop to the campaign via several referral hubs such as https://qvlv.oqwer.xyz and https://bvvkd.wercoz.xyz before you land at the PreOff website (https://preoff.net/elon_musk_ws) which runs at Post Affiliate Pro (https://bestmediatech.postaffiliatepro.com). After registering with BitcoinX, we were redirected to Bitcoin Revolution in one of our several attempts to ask us to deposit (https://bitcoin-reinventedapp.com/funds). From there, we were finally taken to the cashier page of the ProfitsTrade scam.

The Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy (what a joke) of the BitcoinX fraud campaign are presented on https://avrlinks.com.

It was a journey through many referral hubs to disguise the criminal nature of the transaction.

ProfitsTrade and Praxis Cashier

Profits Trade (http://www.profitstrade.com) is allegedly operated by the company ProfitsTrade Ltd in Dominica. We have reported about the ProfitsTrade scam several times before. In August 2020, the UK Watchdog Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) had issued an investor warning against the Praxis Cashier scam client. These investor warnings don’t really bother Praxis Cashier by Amit Klatchko. He does good business with scammers and cybercrime organizations, as does his competitor Ran Cohen with BridgerPay. Both Klatchko and Cohen are Israeli citizens but have their business in Limassol, Cyprus.

Don’t fall for these fraudulent campaigns like Elon Musk in the Wall Street Journal. It will save you from having your data stolen and subsequently losing your money.

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