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FinTelegram has already published some reports on the fraud of the binary options platform SafeMarkets. This platform, which has disappeared in the meantime, has left behind many victims, especially in Germany and the United Kingdom. Therefore, some law firms are already focusing on the “SafeMarkets Case”. FinTelegram supports such initiatives in the very best interest of investors protection and fund recovery purposes.

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The German law firm Herfurtner, among others, has already set up its own website for the German victims of SafeMarkets. Particularly in the last few weeks, SafeMarkets victims have increasingly reported to this and other law firms according to our information.

As part of our forthcoming European Funds Recovery Initiative (EFRI), we will be working with lawyers and specialists to support victims of scams and fraudulent platforms to get their money back in the best possible way. SafeMarkets will play a central role in our EFRI as we have the information necessary to recover funds for cheated investors from the perpetrators.

Officially, SafeMarkets (www.safemarkets.com) was operated over time by various companies. According to the UK Financial Market Authority FCA of April 2018, by Almamarkets Ltd with the Serbian director and frontman Andrija ZIVKOVIC or Optiumcommerce OU in Estonia. Names, monkeys, and companies change but as a matter of fact, however, the very same people have always been behind the SafeMarkets fraudulent scheme.

We identified the responsible companies and players behind SafeMarkets like Gal BARAK and his Global Media Partners (GMP – download articles of association here) or Marina ANDREEVA, Kfir LEVY, Hen GANON or Barak SIMHI from E&G Bulgaria (find the managers here) or E&G Finances (find the managers here). Gal BARAK, the Wolf of Sofia, is also one of the directors of E&G Bulgaria (commercial register here). Actually, the E&G Bulgaria is owned by an Israeli but headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. GMP and E&G are sort of the official frontend for the binary option and forex scheme with its uncountable brands.

Together, Gal BARAK and Marina ANDREEVA are managing the fortunes of their binary options brands such as SafeMarkets, OptionStarsGlobal and many more via offshore shell companies such as  New Markets SA, Samoa, or Cool Markets Ltd, Estonia. We have identified the individual call centers (boiler rooms) and their managers in Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Georgia. Moreover, we gathered information about the money flows to companies in Hong Kong or Israel. We will report on this in detail in a separate article shortly. With our information, we are happy to assist in lawsuits and criminal charges.

Claimants, as well as lawyers and enforcement agencies, can get in touch with us, submit their experience reports or request information. Especially experience reports like those on the website of the law firm Herfurtner are important for other victims as well as a warning for potential investors of such platforms. Together we can make a difference, clear the market of the “bad actors” of the binary options and discover the disappeared investor funds.

Please get in touch with our team via email reporter[at]fintelegram.news, our anonymous whistleblower system, or submitting a post with your experience.

In the next article, we explain the cash flows around the Binary Options and the Wolf of Sofia, Gal BARAK. We will cover companies like Wave Market Ltd, Online Prospect, and DYISY. Stay tuned.

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