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The DAO Binary Options scam and its perpetrator network

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The GoldmanOption Scam

The DAO binary options scam with GoldmanOptions ( was a relatively small and short-lived scheme in the late binary options era. GoldmanOptions and its operator DAO Processing Ltd, for example, was warned by the Czech financial market supervisory authority in October 2016. The Facebook page for GoldmanOptions was opened in August 2016. The last posting on Facebook was done shortly after the warning in October 2016.

The scheme was only one of many that were being operated according to the very same pattern supported by the very same peopl. Based on the available information and documents, this scam also illustrates in detail how these binary options scams were designed and executed by the Israeli masterminds.

The DAO Binary Options Scam, Beneficial Owners and Perpetrators

The ultimate beneficial owners (UBO) behind the GoldmanOptions Scam operated by the DAO Group Ltd. registered on the Marshall Islands are the three Israelis

  • Orel Asformas (born April 1991)
  • Ariel Hai Mazooz (born Sept 1983)and
  • David Mor (born Jan 1993)

The Seychelles citizen Genevieve Magnan and Jonathan Bibi acted as official directors of the company.

DAO Group binary options scheme beneficial owners

This DAO Group Ltd is the sole shareholder of DAO Processing Ltd, registered in the UK, where Belize citizen Paula Gina Jonch-Olmez was installed as director.

As most of the binary options scams in the GreyMountain Management (GMM) environment, the DAO Group scam operation was again established by offshore specialist Northwestern Management Services Ltd. They also provided their people Genevieve Magnan and Jonathan Bibi as officers and trustee shareholders for the scam operation. This Genevieve Magnan is involved in dozens of broker scams as an officer which makes her for sure a co-conspirator.

Payment Services Providers involved

Payment services for the binary options fraud have been provided by the companies of Eyal Nachum and Tamir Zoltovsky

Moneta International provides payment services to DAO and other binary options scams
Email from Anat Blutner, Moneta International

It should be mentioned at this point that Tamir Zolvovski and other Payotech and Payobin employees have deleted their respective entries in their LinkedIn profiles. Apparently, the traces of the Payobin past are to be deleted.

In addition, since the first FinTelegram report on Moneta International UAB and Payobin Tamir Zoltovski was published, the latter was removed from the Monetas International file in the Lithuanian companies register. His wife Yehudit Rozen, however, is still registered.

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