Be aware of broker scam Trade Union promoted by crypto fraud campaigns

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This morning we received another email from Investors Education (www.investors.education) announcing that money would be available for collection. We would only have to quickly take care of it via the link sent along. The link then leads to Bitcoin Buyer, of course, one of the numerous fraudulent crypto campaigns that are currently active. After registering, we were redirected directly to the payment page of the Trade Union scam. Stay far, far away from these fraud campaigns and scams!

Key data

Trading nameTrade Union
Legal entityIncendiary Group LTD
JurisdictionsCommonwealth of Dominica
Payment optionsABNCBP (cashier)
Credit and debit card
Promoted byInvestors Education (https://investors-education.com)
FX Trader Lab (https://fxtraderlab.com, https://trader-labs.com),
Bitcoin Buyer, Bitcoin Revolution,
Bitcoin Era
Related scamsInflux Finance

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If you have any information about Trade Union, please share it with us through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.com.

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