Attention! The vast Polish crypto scam network around CryptoX!

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The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently issued a warning against the crypto trading scam Coin Stock FX (www.coinstockfx.com). The website names UK-registered Cryptox Ltd as the operator. This legal entity is also the operator of the crypto investment scams with the domain f2poolminers, Bitminerpool, and many other active or vanished Crypto Scams. According to the UK Companies House data, Grzegorz Musik, a Pole born in 1971, is a director of the company. Here is a first report!

Key data

OperatorCryptoX Ltd with Company No 10263501
JurisdictionUnited Kingdom
Companies House
Related individualGrzegorz Musik, Poland
Related scamsCoin Stock FX (https://coinstockfx.com)
f2poolminers (https://www.f2poolminers.com)
Bitminerpool (https://bitminerpool.com/)
Ultimate Fidelity Mining (https://www.ultimatefidelitymining.com)
Cryptox-Trade.com (https://www.cryptox-trade.com)
MegaCryptoMiners (https://megacryptominers.com)
Cryptox Arena (https://cryptox-arena.com)
CloudXinvestors (https://cloudxinvestors.com)
and counting
Warnings FCA

Scam narrative

Our investigations show that various crypto scams have been operated via Cryptox Ltd with Company Number 10263501 in recent years. These have regularly disappeared after a short period of time. Most of the Crypto scams we exposed are poorly made and literally scream their scam status to potential victims. Unfortunately, many naïve consumers in search of quick riches fall for them time and time again.

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If you have any information about CryptoX, Grzegorz Musik, and his associates, please share it with us through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.


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