Attention! The broker scam BrownFinance attacks European consumers!

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Currently, a wave of fraudulent crypto campaigns is washing over us again. Most recently, we reported on several BitIQ campaigns. In addition, several other fraudulent crypto campaigns such as Bitcoin Buyer, Bitcoin Era, or Bitcoin Code are being run via a Google Sites platform with a fake article promoting a getting-rich-quick scheme. They chase new victims of the never-ending stream of broker scams. Such as for BrownFinance, which poses as a CySEC-regulated investment firm. Stay Far Away.

Key data

Trading namesBrownFinance
Legal entitiesBrownFinance Ltd
BrownFinance Europe Ltd
United Kingdom
Payment optionsCredit and debit card
Payment processorCardeta
Facilitated byBitcoin Era

The narrative

The UK FCA has already issued a warning against Brown Finance a few weeks ago, noting that the scam operates as a clone of the FCA-registered bfinance UK Limited.

There is actually no meaningful narrative about BrownFinance. The company is not registered with CySEC, nor have we found a BrownFinance Ltd or BrownFinance EU Ltd entity at all. The facilitating payment processor Cardeta is hiding as well and operates completely anonymously.

The Cardeta website (https://cardeta.com) does not work, only the login page for the Merchant Control Panel is online with the domain https://merchants.cardeta.com/WebSite/Login.aspx and the Development Center with the domain https://devcenter.cardeta.com/website. Cardeta is apparently an Israeli payment processor.

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If you have any information about BrownFinance, its operators, and facilitators, please share it with us through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.com.

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