Attention! Stay away from CryptoMarginPro and TradeCryptoVariety schemes!

FCA warns against CryptoMarginPro and TradeCryptoVariety
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The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has again issued warnings against two unregulated crypto trading schemes. These are CryptoMarginPro a/k/a CMP (www.cryptomarginpro.com), operated by the offshore entity PO TRADE LTD, registered in Saint Lucia, and TradeCryptoVariety (www.tradecryptovariety.com), which TradeCryptoVariety Ltd allegedly operates in Sweden. However, the website gives an address in San Diego, United States. Stay Far Away; we believe these schemes are scams and after your money!

CryptoMarginPro runs a weird Twitter channel (@cryptomarginpro) with more than 18,500 followers on which primarily weird tweets are retweeted. Nothing is known about TradeCryptoVariety in social media so far.

Unfortunately, one of the unpleasant sides of the ongoing crypto boom is that scammers are also increasingly using cryptocurrencies. In doing so, they take advantage of people’s greed and ignorance. Still, few people understand anything about cryptocurrencies, but many believe that you can get rich easily and quickly with them. The opposite is often the case. You can lose a lot of money quickly and easily with cryptocurrencies. Stay far away from unregulated cryptocurrency sites.


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