Attention! Spanish regulator warns against crypto exchange Gate.io

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Forbes Advisor named Gate.io as one of the 10 best crypto exchanges in February 2022, awarding it a 4.5-star rating. This puts Gate.io ahead of the better-known and regulated Bitstamp. Operated by Gate Technology Corp in the Marshall Islands, the crypto exchange proudly displays this nomination on its website. However, regulators currently have no tolerance for unregulated crypto exchanges. The Spanish CNMV has therefore issued an investor warning against the unregulated offshore crypto exchange Gate.io. Be careful when trading with unregulated crypto exchanges.

Key data

Trading nameGate.io
Legal entityGate Technology Corp
JurisdictionMarshall Islands

The narrative

The fact that a crypto exchange acts unauthorized does not make it automatically a scam. However, clients have no protection from the regulator or Financial Ombudsman. The deposited funds are not insured and in the absence of supervision, there is no way to know if the trades are being conducted properly.

Registered customers of Gate.io legally enter into a user agreement with Gate Technology Corp in the Marshall Islands. Gate.io is thus an unregulated offshore crypto exchange that also offers margin trading to its customers.

You should generally be very careful with cryptocurrencies. This is a high-risk segment. Therefore, you should not increase the risk by trading with an unregulated crypto exchange like Gate.io. Especially you should be super-cautious when doing margin trading with a non-regulated exchange with high leverage. You will almost certainly lose your funds.

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If you have any information about Gate.io and its operators, please share it with us through our whistleblower system Whistle42.


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