Attention! Fortexo broker scam still chasing victims

Broker scam Fortexo promoted by fraudulent BtiQT campaign
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In May 2021, we issued our first warning against the Fortexo (www.fortexo.co) broker scam. In August, the German regulator BaFin announced investigations against the scam and its operator. To this day, we receive reports from victims who still fell for the scam because the aggressive boiler room agents kept calling. Many people often give in to these aggressive phone attacks and make a deposit. The money is then gone. Believe us! Stay away and protect your money and their mental health.

The Fortexo scam is a typical white-label scam allegedly operated by FLAB GROUP LTD, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In our review in May 2021, we found the two scam-facilitating payment processors NeoBanQ and PayCent, behind the BoxiPay cashier. Please don’t fall for these fraudulent marketing campaigns and the scams they promote. These are so poorly made that my dog could recognize them.

If you have any information about Fortexo and its facilitators, we would be happy to share it with our research team through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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