Attention! Do not fall for the Payback Money fund recovery scam!

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Fund recovery is a dirty business with which many people and companies make good money. Sure, it is not easy to get the victims’ money back from the scammers. Unfortunately, the vast majority of fund recovery services offered online are scams. The Truth ist, that many online scam operators also run their fund recovery service to rip off their victims once again. Payback Money Services Ltd is such a scam operating with fake recovery certificates like the one shown above. Please do not fall for it!

Payback Money Services sends such hilarious Declaration of Recovery certificates to scam victims. Previously, they have bought the data from scam victims. The fake certificate is issued by the European Central Bank and shows a credit balance in a victim’s name. The scammers claim they could pay out this credit to the victim, but they need to make initial payments to cover the costs. We have found that there is no Payback Money Services Ltd registered in the UK Companies House. This is also a fake company.

The European Central Bank does not issue such certificates. Regulators do not issue certificates either. Recently, scammers have been active with fake certificates from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) (read our warning here). Do not fall for these fund recovery scams.

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