Attention! Do not fall for the Cryptobango crypto scheme!

warning against Cryptobango crypto scheme
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Cryptobango (www.cryptobango.com) crypto scheme is active with various brands and domains. So far, we have discovered FXTrade InvestPro (https://fxtrade-investpro.com) and Forex Experts (https://forexexpertsinvest.com). The UK FCA has warned against the last two (see here and here). The scheme offers investors various investment plans that promise up to 30% profits within a few hours. Supposedly, the money is invested in crypto mining. This is complete bullshit. Stay far away.

Currently, the crypto market is weakening. Prices have plummeted by over 30%. Some analysts are already talking about the beginning of a new bear cycle. Others are convinced that we are only seeing a break in the current bull cycle. This exciting environment is used by scammers to catch greedy victims. Recently, the number of warnings from regulators against crypto schemes has literally exploded.

You should be super cautious when investing in Crypto. Cryptos are a high-risk asset class even without scams. Should you want to get into cryptos, do it through one of the regulated platformers like Coinbase or Kraken. Stay far away from unregulated crypto platforms.


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