Attention! Do not fall for CryptoFXexpertMiners and CryptoLegalMiners!

FCA warns against CryptoExpertMining and CryptoLegalMining schemes
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The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) currently focuses on the crypto segment when it comes to investor protection. This approach is justified given the ongoing hype. More and more scams and multi-level marketing investment schemes rely on cryptocurrencies. Investors are increasingly suffering from FOMO syndrome and turning off their minds. The FCA has issued a warning against CryptoLegalMiners (www.cryptolegalminers.online) and CryptoFXexpertMiners a/k/a CryptoExpertMining (www.cryptofxexpertminers.online). Stay very, very far away.

The two crypto schemes are run by the same people and look utterly identical except for the logo. They even work with the same browser favicon. The websites of these two related crypto schemes are hilarious. Visitors don’t learn what is being offered. Anyway, it is somehow about trading, although the name instead suggests mining. The website also doesn’t give any hint about the operators or the jurisdiction in charge.

One of the unpleasant sides of the ongoing crypto boom is that scammers are also increasingly using cryptocurrencies. In doing so, they take advantage of people’s greed and ignorance. Still, few people understand anything about cryptocurrencies, but many believe that you can get rich easily and quickly with them. The opposite is often the case. You can lose a lot of money quickly and easily with cryptocurrencies. Stay far away from unregulated cryptocurrency sites.

Ignore these crypto offers; save yourself financial losses, the theft and misuse of your data, and a lot of frustration.


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