Attention! Canadian GreenRock Eco Venture group is not authorized to offer its shares to the public!

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Aleksandar Korotkov, a Hungarian living in Germany, is the founder of GreenRock Eco Venture group (https://greenrock-group.com) with companies in the UK and Canada. Reportedly registered in Vancouver, GreenRock Eco Ventures Corp. (ISIN: CA3953911052 / CUSIP: 395391105 / WKN: A3C57A) presents itself as a globally active investment group whose main focus is on investments in sustainable raw materials, companies, and projects. In addition, the group also acts as an incubator of sustainability projects.

The German regulator BaFin said that it has sufficient grounds to suspect that the Canadian GreenRock Eco Ventures Corp. offers its share to the public in Germany via different partners such as Integral Investment, UK, or Aron Blatt, Germany, without the required prospectus.

Contrary to the EU Prospectus Regulation, the public offering of GreenRock Eco Ventures group. There are no indications for an exemption from the prospectus requirement. In Germany, securities may in principle – i.e. subject to an exemption from the prospectus requirement – not be offered to the public without the publication of a prospectus previously approved by BaFin.


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