Attention! Bitcoin Trader fraud campaign chases victims for BenefFX broker scam!

warning against broker scam BenefFX
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In our morning roundup today, we discovered that the Bitcoin Trader (www.bitcointrader.site) fraud marketing campaign is hunting potential victims for the BenefFX (www.beneffx.com) broker scam today. The operator of the scam, who bills itself as “being beneficial” is Optium Ltd, registered in the Marshall Islands, and the payment agent is Bulgarian Key Solutions Ltd. We issued an investor warning back in November 2021. Stay far away and save yourself losses and mental issues.

Key data

Legal entitiesOptium Ltd, Key Solutions Ltd
JurisdictionsBulgaria, Marshall Islands
Payment processorsShinePays, Praxis Cashier, PaynetEasy

Scam narrative

In November 2021, BenefFX issued a press release announcing that it wants to intensify its activities on the German market. Well, that’s a dangerous threat against German consumers.

BenefFX works with the CRM system of the Israeli PROFTIT (www.proftit.com). After our warning, BenefFX has changed its payment options. In the source code, we could see that BenefFX used to work with the payment processors Praxis Cashier and PaynetEasy. The ShinePays cashier is currently running on the domain we already know about, https://gate.shinepays.com. Victims can lose their money via credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

Back in our review in November, we found that BenefFX operates with deceptive marketing campaigns. At that time, we found Bitcoin Up. The Bitcoin Up and Bitcoin Trader campaigns are likely to be part of the intensified chasing after German-speaking victims. In October 2021, BenefFX presented itself as a new Asian offshore broker via press release. Stay far away from this scam and fraud campaigns such as Bitcoin Up. Safe your money and your data.

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