Attention! Another warning against AroxCapital!

Investor warning AroxCapital facilitated by Pay Credits
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In April 2021, the UK FCA issued an investor warning against AroxCapital (www.aroxcapital.com). The scam is allegedly operated by AroxCapital Trading Ltd or AroxCapital Ltd in the UK. On Trustpilot, the fraud has a 2.4-star rating with a “Poor” trust level. We have identified Pay Credits (www.pay-credits.com) from VertexTech Ltd and PayNetEasy as the facilitating payment processors. Now the Spanish regulator CNMV has also issued a warning against AroxCapital.

ShinePays cashier for credit and debit card payments at AroxCapital scam

The AroxCapital scam is a typical white label scam. We have not been able to verify the legal entity behind the scam. Pay Credits, operated by VertexTech Ltd, is one of the payment processors. Recently, we exposed Pay Credits as a scam-facilitating payment processor in the Capital of Focus (www.capitaloffocus.com) scam (read this report). The Hungarian Ljudmila Mohacsek is this high-risk payment processor’s registered director and beneficial owner (Companies House).

The AroxCapital cashier is currently running on the domain https://gate.shinepays.com. We have already discovered this new domain at the WinbitX con (read the report here).

The new cashier domain www.shinepays.com was only registered in mid-August 2021 via the Bahamas and is connected to PayNetEasy. This approach of operating the cashier on separate domains is something we see more often lately.

PayNetEasy (www.payneteasy.com) is another notorious scam-facilitating payment processor with its headquarters in Gibraltar. PaynetEasy Technologies Limited seems to be the operator with the Israeli Boaz Gam (LinkedIn profile) as its CEO. The Russian Vyacheslav Zarubin (LinkedIn profile) in Moscow is the payment processor’s COO. According to LinkedIn, most of the company’s staff is residing in Russia.

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