Arrested But Great – The “Great Uwe Lenhoff” Story

Uwe Lenhoff

This is how cybercrime works – produce fake reviews for fraudulent websites or fake CVs for arrested perpetrators. The German Uwe Lenhoff has been arrested a few weeks ago on the ground of a European arrest warrant. Allegedly, he is the beneficial owner and perpetrator behind many fraudulent online trading sites. Moreover, he is said to be involved in vast money laundering schemes. Nevertheless, he lets himself shine on his brand new website

Lenhoff Supporters At Work

The German Uwe Lenhoff is the founder and main shareholder of the public-listed VELTYCO GROUP registered on the Isle of Man. This company evidently was the official face of a vast cybercrime organization with the headquarters in Bulgaria. Lenhoff has been arrested a few weeks ago and will face an indictment charging him with fraud, financial crime, and money laundering. Obviously, his cybercrime organization still works and produced the new website The domain was registered on Feb 20, 2019, while he was sitting in jail in Austria.

Interestingly, the website is operated in the Netherlands. The IP address is associated with three other domains. Among them about a Frank Monstrey who, according to OCCRP, is associated with a “mega” scandal in Kazakhstan. Evidently, those guys are focused to produce a sort of fake CV sites for this sort of people.

The “Great Lenhoff” Story

Reading through the website one learns that Uwe Lenhoff actually is a great German online pioneer. He more or less invented the online gambling industry the readers learn:

Uwe Lenhoff is one of the biggest shareholders in electronic sports and virtual reality in Germany today, but obviously his expertise and passion for technology did not happen overnight. In 1994, Lenhoff was the first person to develop software for online gambling, and became a pioneer in the, at the time, non-existing industry.


The intention of the website is evident – to produce good news for Google Search. We are quite sure that the very same online marketing machine works behind the website that has driven thousands of victims to Lenhoff’s illegal broker sites. Actually, it’s a good strategy we have to admit. An even better strategy would probably be to make him a martyr – the innocent victim of thousands of disappointed retail investors.