Let us have your opinion on the future of ArbiTraCoin (pls refer to other articles we already wrote about ArbiTraCoin:

Some background information on the ArbiTraCoin survival poll.
On July 17th the administration of official ARBITRACOIN`S telegram channel published the following statement (since then nothing has happened in this telegram channel) :

[ArbiTraCoin] 17.07.18
Dear Community, dear Leader, dear User!
We always try to keep you on the up. But honestly, all possible forces are being used for the further development and security of our infrastructure. We’ve had to take some attacks, and we’re fixing the damage to Blokchain and user accounts. We do all for your security and to protect you and your money. To be honest, this is the work we have done in recent weeks and months.
We understand that you are lacking in information. Nevertheless, we now have to work on the reconstruction. Nevertheless, we appreciate your trust and your loyalty very much. We ask for your understanding that until everything is back to normal, it will take a little more time. We have experienced many hacker attacks and attacks, and therefore many processes have been disabled in the backoffice. We just need more time to get back to normal work. Our project is young and certainly not faultless. There are apparently many who want to massively oppose us and destroy us. We will not allow that and therefore we are in the process of taking all the necessary measures. But it assures you that we are working on it and ATC has a future.

In addition to this news, we also have positive news for you. We will officially open the russian market. We have already won a few russian leaders, but have now come in contact with even more interest. Once all the issues have been resolved, a Russian version of website and white paper will be implemented to facilitate work for our Russian colleagues. We still have big plans, and with this step we are making a massive change in the facts. The Russian market will definitely open and we are working hard to regain ground and normalize everything as quickly as possible. 

After the closing down of the website sometimes by the end of July only one further message was posted in the ARBITRACOIN leader chat telegram channel in German (translation by FinTelegram)

Dear leader, dear community!
We know that a lot of time has passed since our last update and the last weeks have not been easy. Not for any of us. This news will also be published.

Nevertheless, we can tell you now that we have made it!
We saw many attacks that closed security holes, we were hacked, we tried to steal coins (!), the blockchain hurt (!), and our own community was partly against us.

Today we can tell you that we have made another great leap forward after a long time. We have completed the reprogramming of the USD Wallet. There are still a few updates and minor changes to the software, but then it will be possible to switch from Wallet to Wallet as desired and start an investment (loan) from the USD Wallet.

Preparations for the Russian translation have also been made and only need to be completed. The Russian market will be officially opened as soon as USD Wallet is reallocated and the Russian translation has been added.

We plan to implement all new features by the end of next week and get you back into a working back office. We can assure you that we have completed the programming and that we only need more time to upload updates and properly integrate the new software.

We now ask for your support. We know that it was hard and we know that many unplanned factors have hit us. We had a lack of communication because all our employees were busy solving the problem. Some have even left us. Nevertheless, we have made it and found a solution. This will be added and available at the end of the following week.

Of course we will not stop working now, but will continue to repair the damage and come back better. We hope that solving these problems will give us a new impetus and we thank our community and especially our leaders for their support. Of course we will let you know how it goes on and when the USD Wallet and the translation will finally be implemented.
Thank you very much!
Source: Leader Chat

So since August 7th everyone is waiting for the website to show up again. So we thought it would make sense to do a poll.