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Answer to the request for information – Rodeler laywers asks for immediate removal and claim ‘unjustified request’

We have received several messages and warnings from Rodeler’s lawyers regarding our reports on Rodeler, F1Markets, and Royal Forex. The Rodeler lawyers see the reputation of their clients damaged by any report about possible connections with the above-mentioned companies might be working together. They implicitly label insider information and whistleblower documents as irrelevant. Even the request for information about Royal Forex and existing rumors about connections between Royal Forex and Rodeler would not be justified. The lawyers insist that we would not be allowed to request further information regarding possible connections of Rodeler with other brokerage schemes.

Here is the statement of the Rodeler lawyers;

On January 28, 2020, you published and/or caused and/or allowed the publication of an article titled Request for Information – Royal Forex broker network with trading styles GMOTrading and ROInvesting on your website in which you deliberately and in bad faith seek to create an association between our Clients and the entities to which your article refers, as well as to F1Markets.

Rodeler lawyer

Rodeler and its allegedly damaged reputation

It is the task as well as the constitutional right of the media in general and of investigative media such as FinTelegram in particular to investigate fact-based assumptions and insider information. The public request for additional information is a suitable instrument for this purpose. Especially if the subject of the investigation is a regulated financial institution that offers its services to the general public and retail investors.

In the event that a financial market supervisory authorities publicly warns against such financial services companies and, moreover, determine that the regulated company repeatedly violates legal and/or regulatory provisions, an investigative medium such as FinTelegram is obliged, in the interest of investor protection, to investigate fact-based assumptions and verified inside information.

At Rodeler, all of these circumstances apply.

  • Rodeler Limited is a CySEC-regulated financial institution
  • Rodeler Limited publicly offers its investment an/or broker services to retail clients and professionals
  • Regulators have repeatedly issued investor warnings against Rodeler Limited
  • Rodeler is a company of public interest and
  • Rodeler worked with companies in different jurisdictions that have not been disclosed to the regulators and/or the public.

Among other things, the company was banned by the Italian Financial Market Authority CONSOB in December 2019. Alleged damage to the reputation of Rodeler is not caused by FinTelegram, but by CONSOB. FinTelegram only reports about it. And this is apparently justified. Anyone who violates laws and/or regulatory provisions loses the right to defend themselves against justified public criticism and further investigation.

While the violation of regulatory frameworks in different jurisdictions does harm the reputation reporting or asking for information about possible relationships with other regulated financial institutions such as F1Markets and/or Royal Forex, however, does not.

CONSOB – Rodeler’s regulatory infringements

It is a fact that the luge broker sites have been banned by the Italian Financial Market Authority CONSOB.

CONSOB adopted a precautionary measure prohibiting the provision of investment services and activities in Italy to the Cypriot investment firm Rodeler Limited and in relation to their different domains. The measure was necessary after Rodeler Limited has been reiterating its infringements of the regulations in force in spite of the directions of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) issued in compliance with the reports sent by CONSOB to the CySEC itself.

CONSOB Press Release

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