Another Boiler Room Exposed – Capital Market Solutions Serves Illegal Broker Schemes

Capital Market Solutions doo network

The FinTelegram Research Team thanks its whistleblowers once again. Without their information, we would hardly be able to put together the great puzzle around the illegal broker schemes. Like Payment Services Providers (PSPs), Boiler Rooms (Call Centers) are a key element of these broker schemes. That’s where the people sit who lure the money out of the investors with their phone calls. In the harmless jargon of these people, this is called “Conversion Services” or “Retention Services“.

  • With the Capital Market Solutions DOO registered in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have identified another boiler room operator;
  • According to the information available to us, this boiler room is supporting a large number of illegal broker sites such as CoinTeck, Arotrade, or BeCFD.
  • Capital Market Solution has served several of these illegal schemes and thus contributed to the fraud of small shareholders.


Cointeck ( is an illegal FOREX broker platform of the new generation and focuses exclusively on cryptocurrencies. This means that the operators no longer need banks for payment processing and can hide even more easily in the dark of the web. However, you can buy Bitcoins via the Crypto-Exchange Bitsale ( The crypto exchange is operated by Bitsale Ltd, which is registered in Cyprus.

Cointeck is run by an already known scam artist – Gaele de Graaf. He is the director of CCLR Solutions OÜ, which is registered in Estonia and also operates the scam site Gaele de Graaf together with his partner Floris Pieter Bartel Waals is also part of FinTelegram’s “Euro Wealth-Novox” scheme.


Arotrade ( is a prototype FOREX and CFD scheme that operates illegally and is targeted at small investor fraud. The Arotrade is operated by the Bulgarian Speed PA Ltd EOOD, which is not a licensed broker. It is therefore alleged that a certain Speed Solutions Ltd is still operating in Belize. In the Bulgarian companies register the Briton Andrew Polikarpu appears as director and sole shareholder of Speed PA EOOD.


Opteck ( is operated by Centralspot Trading Ltd, registered in Cyprus and regulated by CySec. Opteck is therefore not an illegally operated brokerage site. A pleasant change. We hope that this will also ensure that investors are not cheated and receive their desired payouts.

Beneficial Owner

According to the information available to us, the beneficial owner of Capital Market Solutions is Israeli Victor Gankin. We would be grateful to our readers and whistleblowers for further information about him.

Report Illegal Brokers And Activities

If you have information about illegal brokers and the participating Boiler Rooms and Payment Services Providers (PSP), we would appreciate if you share it with the FinTelegram Research Team. We carefully examine each individual report. Together we can defeat Scammer.