And again! Spanish regulator issues warning against illegal broker InvestXE!

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We have warned about the offshore broker InvestXE (www.investxe.com) several times in recent months. Our analysis has shown that InvestXE operates illegally in Europe and North America. Probably InvestXE is also a scam. On 15 Sept 2021, the FMA in New Zealand issued a warning against the PandaTS white-labeler broker mutation InvestXE. On 17 Jan 2022, the Spanish CNMV also issued a warning. Trustpilot has also issued a warning against InvestXE for fake reviews. Stay very far away.


Legal EntitiesInvestXE Capital LLC (SVG)
InvestXE LLC (SCG)
JurisdictionSt. Vincent and the Grenadines
Registered AgentWilfred Services Ltd
Related brandsTrade99
Payment processorsClearTransfer
WarningsCNMV, FMA New Zealand

The InvestXE Narrative

The crypto-based broker InvestXE (www.investxe.com) is allegedly operated by InvestXE Capital LLC a/k/a InvestXE LLC, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, it is likely that the broker runs on the servers of PandaTS in Cyprus and thus in the EU. The broker is active in four languages: English, Spanish, Italian, and German. According to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) records in SVG, InvestXE Capital LLC was registered in November 2020 with the registration number 675. The notorious Wilfred Services Ltd founded this offshore entity, the company builder for hundreds of other scam operators.

The Trustpilot Fake

At the time of our initial warning (here), the InvestXE scam had a 3.4-star rating with an “Average” trust level on Trustpilot. At the time of our new review on 17 Jan 2022, the trust level is “Poor” with a 1.7-stars rating. Trustpilot has issued a warning that InvestFX‘s reviews look suspicious and removed several fake reviews.

The Trade99 Connection

A whistleblower recently provided information proving that the same operators and boiler rooms are behind Trade99 and InvestXE. One of the co-operators and payment processors of Trade99 was ClearTransfer, where one of the key figures, Andreas Theodosiou, is the director. Please read this report here.

Read our report on Trade99 here!

If you have any information about PandaTS and their scam clients like InvestXE, please share it with our team via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.


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