ActivTradee scam facilitated by CryptoEngine fraud campaign and BridgerPay

ActivTradee scam facilitated by BridgerPay and CryptoEngine fraud campaign
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We once again received an email via Google Slides this morning that leads us to the CryptoEngine scam campaign (https://en.cryptoengine.we-trck.com). Anyone who registers there today will be led to the broker scam ActivTradee (www.activtradee.com), which is available in English and German. Thus the scam obviously attacks German-speaking consumers. The Israeli-Cyprus BridgerPay of Ran Cohen is the facilitating payment processor for credit and debit cards.

ActivTradee broker scam facilitated by BridgerPay

Broker scams come and go. Most are implemented in a quick-and-dirty approach as a white label solution on one of the many broker platforms. Fraudulent marketing campaigns like CryptoEngine or scam-facilitating payment processors like BridgerPay, on the other hand, stay for a longer period of time. Without these facilitators, most scams would not work at all.

Often, the operators of these scams are dumb young people who expect to get rich quickly from the white-label solutions and scam business approaches. These fraudulent fools can easily access the services of the white-label platform operators and the digital marketing agencies and payment processors integrated into them. Without this scam-facilitating environment, the cyberfinance space would be much safer.

Please do not fall for these scam campaigns like CryptoEngine and the scam brokers they facilitate, like ActivTradee. You will save yourself money and frustration.

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