About us

Financial Telegram LogoFinancial Telegram (“FinTelegram”) is a financial intelligence & investors protection service providing up-to-date information about investment opportunities in the online space.

FinTel has a special focus on FOREX, MLM, and crypto-investments with its Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), crypto-mining schemes, Crypto-MLM’s, and crypto-assets such as cryptographic tokens and coins.

FinTelegram’s Investors Protection Mission:
  • educate investors with financial intelligence
  • support legitimate investment opportunities
  • fight scams, scammers and fraudulent investment schemes.

FinTelegram’s websites are operated by

  • FinTelegram Investors Protection Ltd (UK)
  • Company No: 09736430
  • Director: Werner F. Bohm

FinTel provides two publishing formats

  • short form posts (“telegrams”) with essential information, updates, and warnings;
  • long form posts (“reports”) with investigative background information, graphics, and reviews.

The focus of both formats is to fight scams and fraudulent investment schemes efficiently. We work with a network of reporters, contributors, lawyers, and auditors to provide thoroughly worked out investigative reports.

Privacy Statement: Why we work with Pseudonymity</h5>

We are aware that our publications challenge scammers and con-artists out there. Typically, these are dangerous guys. We constantly receive threats. Allegedly, the operators of a huge fraud scheme placed a kill order against FinTelegram team members. To protect our team, we decided to that our investigators and writes work with pseudonyms.

Our publications summarize our findings on some of the projects we investigated. For your convenience, we provide all source references either with referring links our via separate references.  Please do your own due diligence on all the projects we report on. In case we missed something and/or we made mistakes please get in contact. We will take care.

In case you want us to investigate a project we missed so far or if you want to support our activities pls contact us:

editor [at] fintelegram.com