A Lithuanian Case – Compliance Issues, Law Enforcement, and Whistleblower Protection

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FinTelegram lives on whistleblowers and fights together with them against scammers, cybercriminals, and money launderers. Whistleblowers can contact FinTelegram via the whistleblower form or secure email. Protecting whistleblowers is FinTelegram’s highest priority. We are aware that whistleblowers are hated and threatened by the villains they expose. Currently, whistleblowers in Lithuania who have provided valuable information to FinTelegram about scams, cybercrime, and money-laundering are being massively threatened. We are here to help and support them!

The GNI Case

We have learned from whistleblowers that GlobalNetInt UAB (GNI), regulated by the Bank of Lithuania and a part of FCA-regulated MoneyNetInt Group, is desperately looking for the leak. A few weeks ago, FinTelegram obtained extensive documents alleging that GNI has been

  • accepting scam operators and/or scam facilitating payment processors in the forex and crypto space as merchants;
  • processes illicit proceeds and is engaged in money-laundering;

Moreover, we learned that most of GNI’s transaction volume and revenue are generated by its clients in the gambling and betting sector. The by far largest clients are two groups of companies engaged in the gambling and betting business and the high-risk payment business. Our investigations and interviews subsequently confirmed the whistleblowers’ allegations. Moreover, an expert retained by GNI admitted that the company indeed has massive compliance issues but is working to fix them. Well, actually, it seems GNI only tries to close the leak and silence whistleblowers.

Fighting bad payment processors

Scams and cybercrime would not be possible without the knowing and willing or negligent participation of financial institutions in the first place. Therefore, the fight against the “bad” financial institutions is the highest priority for investor protection. For this, we need the support of whistleblowers. And that is why we protect and support whistleblowers.

Cry for help

Over the last couple of weeks, FinTelegram has been contacted by various anonymous whistleblowers, indicating that GNI management has offered some sort of bounty for revealing the identity of the whistleblowers. In addition, suspicious employees have been threatened with lawsuits. In doing so, GNI management claims that they want to use subpoenas to force FinTelegram to reveal the identity of the whistleblowers. This is bullshit and the GNI people very well know that. FinTelegram will not, under any circumstances and with any subpoena, disclose the identity of its whistleblowers or any related data such as email or IP address.

We are here to help!

We understand that there is currently intense pressure on whistleblowers in Lithuania. Therefore, we provide legal and moral support at the email address [email protected]. Alternatively, our Whistleblower System can be used to file requests for support:

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